2004 PPCB Kelley Island Cruise leaving Kelleys Island marina.

Point Place Boat Club
5911 Edgewater Drive
Toledo, OH 43611
phone: (419) 727-8747

Docks and Amenities:

Floating Docks
Pump Out
Picnic Area
Commercial Kitchen
Showers & Heads
Pets allowed (excludes inside club house)
Hoist (Nearby)
Ramp (Nearby)
Food & Carryout (Nearby)
Fuel (Nearby)

If available, we rent docks to non-members. Contact the Dock Master for availability and rates.

Reciprical Docking for AYC and I-LYA members:

Three Guest Docks
Three Free Days

Point Place Boat Club clubhouse, docks and grounds.

For more information about our docks contact the Dock Master at
Dock Master at Point Place Boat Club dot com.